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I love this so much. When someone puts us down, or rejects us or dismisses our ideas and creativity, it can be so easy to shrink and run away and hide and then go back to our conventional existence and do what is expected, don’t stick our necks out or do anything that may cause us to stand out from the crowd. What Nayyirah Waheed says in this gorgeous juicy piece of writing is go the other way. Do the opposite. Expand yourself, be more you, do you even better than before. Relax, soften and calm the very things that are being ridiculed or dismissed because whatever that is -whether its the colour of your skin, your gender, your feelings towards someone, your laugh, your dreams – that is what makes you YOU. That is your power, that is your contribution, maybe even your purpose.

So expand, get big and broad and be your purest, most concentrated, breathtaking, authentic self.

Thank you Nayyirah Waheed for writing what needs to be written, and in the most eloquent and heartfelt words.


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