learn to say thank you…

Appreciation is a very powerful thing because it is part of the way in which our consciousness refines itself and becomes more humble, more pliable and more receptive.

At first you may not think or feel that you have anything to say thank you for, but as you begin, you will begin to feel a gentle wave of gratitude come over you – for simply the sense of being, for life, for existence, if nothing else.

Saying thank you opens your eyes (and perspective) and most importantly, your heart to seeing life as it truly is— a blessed and magnificent series of events.

Set a time aside (possibly before going to bed) to consider what occurred during the day. As you scan through the day’s events, consider which three individuals have made your life richer or more enlightened in some way. Then say thank you to these individuals from your heart – expressing your acknowledgment of the role they’ve played in your life and how their presence is of wonderful service to you.

Thank you is the greatest mantra.

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

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