One of the things meditation does as we sit down twice a day and close our eyes to meditate, is deliver to us, our self. It gives you… you.

Thom Knoles 

my meditation technique

The meditation technique I teach is simple and effortless.

It will give you the ability to appreciate life on a level you have yet to experience. Using a mantra – a super refined sound or vibration  –  which is intrinsically charming or engaging to the mind, the mind is able to move from its usual active, thought filled states into deeper, quieter, exquisitely refined subtle states, until transcendence is reached and bliss is experienced.  A pure natural bliss, but not as we typically understand it. Rather it’s bliss experienced as a supreme inner contentedness.

Originating in India over 5,000 years ago, vedic meditation was introduced by the great vedic teachers to the world, to be shared. The knowledge and technique is universal in nature.

It is a meditation technique intentionally specifically cognised for “householders” – people, like you and I, living vibrant, full, engaged modern lives – so that we can enjoy the profound benefits meditation brings.

Since inception 5,000 years ago, vedic meditation has been passed on through an unbroken line of teachers to this day.

the benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation are well documented and publicised.

In case you need a refresher, here are a few good reasons to meditate.

Reduce and eliminate stress, tension and fatigue
Increase happiness and joy
Enhance physical health and general wellbeing
Better quality sleep and deeper rest
Increase creativity, energy and vitality
Crystal clear clarity and thinking
Development of one’s conscious state
Better digestion and lower blood pressure

And we are still discovering the profound effects meditation has on our mind and body. For example, a Harvard study found meditation rebuilds the brand’s grey matter in as little as 8 weeks (that’s 2 months). You can read about the landmark Harvard University study HERE