from corporate lawyer to meditation teacher

Kimberley Chan devoted over a decade to a career as a senior lawyer in international corporate organisations – which meant long, hard hours, high pressure and no room for failure. Whilst she had a solid, well-paying job, lived in a beautiful house in a gorgeous part of Sydney and was surrounded by a loving family and friends, she felt drained of life and by life. She was spent.

After completing a major corporate restructure that took almost a year to complete, Kimberley felt absolutely depleted, leading her GP to send her off for the usual myriad of blood tests. When the results showed everything to be fine, it was then suggested Kimberley try meditation.

Kimberley spent a year of dipping her toes into various meditation styles – from mindfulness breathing to Buddhist, with varying degrees of success – before coming across Vedic Meditation. This technique was, by far, the most natural and effortless practice she had experienced.

“As I continued my twice daily meditation practice, I discovered a way to live and maintain the healthy, engaged and vibrant life I wanted, without feeling drained and withdrawing from the people and things I love. My physical and mental health improved dramatically. And, perhaps most importantly, I established clarity, purpose and a foundation upon which to view my life and my role in life,” says Kimberley Chan.

Source: Kimberley Chan Vedic Meditation Interview