A corporate lawyer for over a decade, I discovered vedic meditation in 2012.
Up to that point, I had tried just about every meditation technique out there, with varying degrees of success.

When I learned vedic meditation, from the very first session, I knew it was different. I felt it in my heart. Finally, I had found something that worked for me.  Learning and practising vedic meditation has had a profound transformative impact on me and my life. The gentle and effortless technique is simple and charming. And, most importantly, it worked.

As I continued my twice daily meditation practice, I  realised I had found a way to maintain the healthy, engaged and vibrant life I wanted, without withdrawing from the people and things I love in life.  My physical and mental health improved dramatically. And, perhaps most importantly through vedic meditation, I established clarity, purpose and a foundation upon which to view my life and my role in life.

Ultimately, it led me to undertake a year long intensive integrated initiator training with Tim Brown (Australia’s most experienced teacher of vedic meditation), and in 2015, I graduated as a vedic meditation teacher in Rishikesh, India.

I am passionate about promoting conscious living, compassion and creativity in life, and making vedic meditation accessible, practical and easy to incorporate into our modern lives. I love working with people, and with meditation, helping them to move to and experience life at the next level, so that they can become grounded, creative, healthier and happier.

I teach in Sydney CBD, Balmain and Paddington.  And I look forward to meeting you.