advice to my 30 year old self

~ Advice to my 30 year old self ~

I would have said, “Appreciate what’s good about this moment. Don’t always think that you’re on a permanent journey. Stop and enjoy the view.” …I always had this assumption that if you appreciate the moment, you’re weakening your resolve to improve your circumstances.  That’s not true… but I think when you’re young, it’s sort of associated with that…I had people around me who’d say things like, “Oh, a flower, nice.”  A little part of me was thinking, “You absolute loser. You’ve taken time to appreciate a flower? Do you not have bigger plans? I mean, this the limit of your ambition?” and when life’s knocked you around a bit and when you’ve seen a few things, and time has happened and you’ve got some years under your belt, you start to think more highly of modest things life flowers and pretty sky, or just a morning where nothing’s wrong and everyone’s been pretty nice to everyone else… Fortune can do anything with us.  We are very fragile creatures. You only need to tap us or hit us in slightly the wrong place… You only have to push us a little bit, and we crack very easily, whether that’s the pressure of disgrace or physical illness, financial pressure, etc.  It doesn’t take very much. So, we do have to appreciate every day that goes by without a major disaster.

Words by
Alain de Botton
(as told to Tim Ferriss, you can listen to the complete podcast here)

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